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 Audio Morpheus was created with the intention of promoting local and international bands that we like. Over the last 12 years, Deano and Tazz have made it their mission to seek out and share music that has all the talent, but don't seem to get the main stream media attention they deserve. We will introduce you to newly signed, up and coming, and veteran bands that we love. Our intention has and will always be, to show our appreciation to those hard working bands that bring us all the incredible music that we love, and to help them to be successful and sustainable by emphasizing the importance of supporting these talented musicians by purchasing their works of art and attending their live shows.  We never bag on or trash any musician. If we don't like it, we simply wont talk about it. If you think you have talent and want us to check out your band, or you know of a talented band, send us an email with your information. We are always looking for new talent! Thanks for checking out our site. If you like it, please spread the word about AudioMorpheus.com!


I have been waiting for so long for this album to come out and it lives up to every expectation I had!! From the first song to the last, Black Soul Choir is gripping; I have goose bumps as I type! There are few bands that can convey such deep and emotional music combining powerful vocals with equally intense song writing.  With powerful riffs and beautiful harmonies, Black Soul Choir will absolutely grip you to the core. Wolves Like Us is another example of the brilliant music coming out of Norway; this is an album that you can listen to over and over again! I am absolutely excited to be sharing this album with you. Do yourself a favor and BUY this album on March 4th; it is EPIC!!

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